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Project Update: Dukes Reports More Than Half of Town Now Connected to New Wastewater System.

According to Taylor Dukes, Exmore's Utility Director and Zoning Officer, the Town has passed the halfway mark for connecting its 900 residents and businesses to the new wastewater system.

Dukes is tasked with spearheading and overseeing the multimillion-dollar project which broke ground on August 8, 2023. In less than eight months, teams from Kevcor, the contractor doing the work, have worked their way through many of Exmore's residential neighborhoods and are now busy digging along Main Street.

With multiple variables affecting the digging of trenches and installation of grinder pumps, including weather and negotiating unmarked water lines throughout town, it's difficult to state when the project will be 100 percent complete. Dukes did advise that things are advancing quickly. At the current pace, the contractors are likely to meet the original goal of having all properties connected by January 2025. Stay tuned.


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