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Mayor and Town Council

What unites our Town officials is their love and passion for the Town of Exmore. They each contribute their experience and knowledge to ensure that our community keeps thriving for years to come.

Mayor Greer of the Town of Exmore

Town Manager

Robert G. Duer 

Phone: 757-442-3114, ext. 13


Our Town Manager, Robert Duer, brings years of passion, knowledge and experience. The Town Manager is committed to the continued growth and success of our community.

Aerial photo of Exmore
Exmore Town Clerk, Ethel Parks

Town Clerk

Ethel Parks 

Phone: 757-442-3114 ext. 12


Behind every successful, smoothly functioning Town, there's a dedicated, high performance, top quality Town Clerk. For the past 20 years, the Town of Exmore has been fortunate to have Ethel Parks on the team. In her position as Town Clerk she quietly oversees all administrative duties and is the official keeper of documents as well as the organizer of flow. Although she works mostly behind the scenes, what she does helps keep Exmore at the forefront as the most efficiently run municipality on the ESVA.

Exmore Zoning District map

Zoning and Permitting

Our online collection of forms and permits, is provided for the convenience of our community members, and we are pleased to assist with any questions or requests.

Public Works

3305 Main Street

Phone: 757-442-3114

Emergency: 757-607-7188


Under the direction of Taylor Dukes, Utility Director/Zoning Officer for the Town of Exmore, this department manages the daily operations of infrastructure, including oversight and maintenance of the Town’s water and wastewater systems.

Exmore Public Works

Public Safety

3305 Main St. Exmore

Phone: 757-442-3114 ext. 1007

Emergency: 911


Led by Police Chief Angelo DiMartino, the Exmore Police Department serves the citizens, business owners and visitors of the Town of Exmore, ensuring a safe environment for everyone. 

Town of Exmore Police Dept. The Positive Difference
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