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in the trenches
Dontrel Lewis
Mike Johsnon keeps the Town beautiful with landscaping.
in any weather
Getting directions for the next project
Public Works on the scene.
Unsung heroes of Public Works team
playground works
Josh Killmon
the crew
hydrant work
3305 Main Street
Phone: 757-442-3114
Emergency: 757-607-7188


Under the direction of Taylor Dukes, Utility Director/Zoning Officer for the Town of Exmore, this department manages the daily operations of infrastructure, including oversight and maintenance of the Town’s water and wastewater systems. The six-man Public Works crew, led by Caleb Shrieves, is also responsible for garbage pickup/disposal, landscaping and general upkeep of Town of Exmore assets, including the Town Park and its structures. Mr. Dukes, a certified Virginia Planner, is also responsible for procurement, RFPs and Grant administration. Public Works acts as liaison and support for outside contractors, engineers and other entities contacted by the Town.


Learn more about recently completed projects and projects that are in the pipeline.

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