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Exmore History Walking Tour

Exmore Street Scene 2.jpg

Exmore History Walking Tour Map (pdf)


Although Exmore was named and shaped in the 1800’s with the coming of the railroad, the town was not officially formed until 1948. The town became known as Exmore Station around 1884, which was its name into the early 20th century. The people of the Accawmacke tribes first inhabited this area, well situated between the Chesapeake Bay and seaside Barrier Islands. Once the English began patenting the land, the plantation area was granted to the Downing family and thereafter called Downingsville. WL

The time period of this tour starts in 1884 when Exmore Station opened for railway commerce. During the railroad days, Exmore became an important distribution and transportation hub due to its central location and proximity to produce and seafood producers. As you walk this tour, you will gain insight into how the construction
of the railroad changed the face of America’s landscape. Small towns sprang up along railroads, just as seaports did with seaway commerce in previous eras. Most of these railroad towns were laid out by land developers that bought up farmland to sell to produce brokers, merchants, and future residents. WL

When automobiles and trucking became popular, Exmore became one of the towns on the Ocean Highway, the 1,000 mile highway stretching from US 1 in New Jersey to Florida. Main Street, also known now as Business Route 13, was part of that highway system.

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