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Continuing to Add "More" to Exmore: Ava Wise & New Road Community Development Group

Updated: Apr 9

New Road Community Development Group has been a force for transformative housing growth in Exmore for three decades. Now Ava Wise, continuing the tradition established by her mother Ruth Wise, is set to launch Phase II of her Legacy Project, supported by $3.7 million in funding awarded by the Viginia Department of Housing & Community Development.

The funding includes $1,978,813. for six duplex buildings consisting of six units each. Three duplex buildings will have units for purchase; three buildings will have units for rental. Another $1,894,500 is designated for construction of Legacy Plaza, a 12-unit complex with commercial space on the ground level and residential rental apartments above. The majority of the housing development will be on the west side of Langford Highway (RT. 13) located near Ruth Wise Road which leads into the existing New Road Community. Four of the duplex buildings will be constructed east of Lankford Highway

Groundbreaking for the six fully funded duplexes is planned tor as early as this June, with shovels hitting the dirt for construction of Legacy Plaza by the end of 2024. The contractor for the project will be advertising for subcontractors and workers locally, so stay tuned. We'll keep you posted.

Congratulations to Ava and New Road Community Development Group for the funding award and sincere thanks for the hard work and ongoing vision to provide quality affordable housing for the area's lower- and middle-income families. This is true community building that extends beyond New Road and Exmore to benefit our entire Eastern Shore.



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