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Winning the Hearts of Our Neighbors: Exmore Businesses Claim Top Spots in Local Choice Awards

We admit, even with three national hotel chains and two harbors (Willis Wharf and Morley's) Exmore is not a stand-out tourism town like our neighbors with beaches, marinas and waterfront dining spots. Our community, however, has always been a vibrant business hub, and that counts for attracting tourists and tourism dollars. Let' s face it, even the most sophisticated traveler wants to know and go where the locals go! So, we are happy to celebrate the Exmore businesses chosen as winners and runners up in the Eastern Shore of Virginia Tourism Commission's the 2022 Eastern Shore Local’s Choice competition!

As background, the Local’s Choice competition was developed in the wake of the 2020 economic downturn as a way to showcase and boost local businesses and their unique offerings. The results of this competition have proven to be a valuable tool for visitors, helping them locate and enjoy some of the favorite spots of local residents on the ESVA, including some hidden gems.

Exmore businesses voted as "best" in their specific categories, by the people who live, work and play here on the Shore are:

Best Antique Stores: Exmore Emporium (Main Street) and Primitives & More (Rt. 13)

Best Consignment Boutique: Seaside Consignment (Main Street)

Best Flounder: Exmore Diner (Main Street)

Best Eastern Shore Style Clam Chowder: Exmore Diner (Main Street0

Congratulations to each of these winners, and to all the local businesses that deliver so much value to our community! And if you missed the chance to vote for your favorites this year, stay tuned for 2023!

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