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Sparkle, shine plus eye for design: Spring Savannah Custis, Main Street Jewelry & Gifts.

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

From early childhood on. Spring Savannah Custis dreamed of living the life of an artist in New York City, just an hour north of her birthplace in Point Pleasant, NJ. Her parents moved to the Eastern Shore when she was ten, placing Spring's artistic talents and aspirations on a new path, one leading to Exmore and a successful entrepreneurial enterprise.

Visit Main Street Jewelry & Gifts at 3286 Main Street and you'll see Spring's creativity, passion for beauty and keen design sense on display. Along with her love for the ESVA. While jewelry and watches, both new and estate quality vintage, are the core focus, there is an ever-changing inventory of specialty items, many handcrafted locally or personally made by Spring. With the holidays approaching, the current inventory includes handcrafted tree ornaments and decorations branded for Exmore and the ESVA. Walls, showcases and tabletop overflow with unusual and personalized gift ideas. There's even a corner for pet gifts, including homemade organic pet treats. Spring, an ardent dog lover and breeder, recently helped her toy poodle give birth to a dozen tiny pups, all while creating more oyster shell ornaments and air plant displays for the shop, and for area art fairs.

Plants, specifically the tiny bromeliads, are an important outlet for Spring's artistry. In fact, she was a professional landscaper before a car accident resulted in a serious injury that forced a career change. Now, she gardens in shells. ceramic pots and other compact containers on display in her shop alongside bracelets, necklaces and other eye-pleasing accessories, including some stunning diamond rings. Spring also buys and sells gold, taking advantage of the swings in market prices to proffer the best transactions. She admits to being self-educated on just about everything, from landscaping to precious metals.

Gemstones, in every form, have always held an appeal for Spring. She loves native-American pieces and crystals best and has long believed that even an ordinary T-shirt can shine as party attire with the right jeweled accessory. There's plenty of sparkle and shine at this Main Street boutique, but the brightest, most sparkling thing of all, is Spring.

Note: Spring attended Nandua High where she earned many awards for Art.

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