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Serving Up Success: Liv's Cafe & Deli

In just over eight months since officially opening, Liv's Cafe & Deli, on Main Street in downtown Exmore is already expanding. Both in footprint---Liv's is in the process of opening a backyard patio space---and in terms of food & beverage options. You may be seeing beer and wine on the menu soon.

It's difficult enough to build a thriving restaurant business in the best of times, so image the challenges of opening during a pandemic, with multiple restrictions in place, including social distancing, head count limits for inside dining, masks, staff shortages, supply chain interruptions and more. Entrepreneur Oliva Newman Justis (pictured left) surmounted all these obstacles. And did so with grace and calm, and ability.

As an ESVA native, graduate of Broadwater Academy and holder of a Business degree from Mary Washington College, Olivia knew she wanted to open a business, and she wanted to open it here on the Shore. She chose Exmore. She saw a need she could fill (breakfast and lunch spot---with great coffee) and as a former employee of New Ravenna, she had friends locally and knew the Town. And she had the right talents. Her strong professional background includes co-owning and operating a farm-to-table restaurant in Williamsburg.

Locally sourced, top-quality ingredients are a main stay at Liv's, and Oliva attributes the rapid success of the Cafe, in part, to her unwavering commitment to quality. (You just have to sip the Coastal Roasters coffee or bite into a freshly made sandwich to know this is true!)

As we move into summer, inside seating restrictions are lifted, and Liv's has attractive indoor seating for 15-20. The outdoor seating area in progress looks inviting, and spacious. We'll keep you posted,

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