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From High Schools Pals to Business Partners Covering the Eastern Shore

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Peter Henderson & Hunt Addison (and Revie)

For years, those gleaming white tents you've seen up and down the Shore, from the southernmost tip of the peninsula to the Maryland line, have been the signature for Eastern Shore Events & Rentals, Today, the business created by Peter Henderson and Hunt Addison in 2012 has grown and evolved to offer much more than tents. In fact, for almost any occasion you might envision, whether large and public or private and intimate, Eastern Shore Events & Rentals, located at 4294 Main Street in Exmore and their "can do" team are ready with ideas and essentials.

Hunt and Peter have known each other since high school. It was while Peter was working for the VES Land Trust that the all-important "Aha" moment that sparked their partnership occurred. Both Hunt and Peter were volunteers with Ducks Unlimited and worked on fundraising for that organization. When handed the equipment rental invoice for a DU fundraising event at the Barrier Islands, they realized they were on the wrong side of that transaction. The idea for forming their own firm naturally followed. They pondered and planned for three years before launching Eastern Shore Events & Rentals. It is now a robust family operation (Hunt's wife Paige coordinates client requests and Peter's wife Suzie handles the books) with a large warehouse overflowing with impressive items for events: everything from one-of-a-kind bars and serving stations to chandeliers.

Weddings are a big part of their business. Some weeks they do six to eight weddings a week and are currently busy with the fall wedding season. Peter and Hunt's services are also in high demand for fundraisers, private parties and oyster roasts. Their first job was the annual Hospital Ball, and 2023 marks the 11th year Eastern Shore Events & Rentals has worked on this high-profile gala.

With the regional event market continuing to spiral upward, Hunt and Peter are not tempted to expand into Maryland or across the Bay, although they have handled projects in both places. They made a strategic decision to keep any expansion of their business here on the Shore where they serve the two counties. They love what they do and where they are. They especially like being in Exmore, noting the Town has been easy to work with and supportive of their endeavor since day one. We like having you here in Exmore, too! And love seeing those big white tents throughout the year.

Note: Revie (pictured on Hunt's lap) is not an employee. He is merely decorative, and he is not for rent!



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