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Keep Faucets Dripping to Help Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

We all know that water begins to freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. With the forecast calling for temps dipping into the teens (and lower) over the next few days, water will quickly become ice. And that can mean frozen water pipes leading to broken (burst) pipes and water damage to your home or business. The Town of Exmore's Utilities Director, Taylor Dukes, is urging everyone connected to the Town's water supply to take precautions to minimize the risks. The simple precautions include wrapping any exposed pipes with foam or other insulation (pool noodles from Dollar Store work well), maintaining a warm temperature in your home or store, and leaving your water faucet dripping overnight, beginning Friday evening and throughout the frigid weekend ahead. The average cost to repair water damage (from burst pipes) is $18.000. Moreover, it places a strain on Town crews to be rushing to repair broken lines, especially over Christmas So let it drop, folks and have a safe holiday weekend.

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