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Katie Williams: Exmore Business Owner Exhibits Her Artistic Side

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Katie Williams, owner of Wild Roots salon on Main Street, is a successful businesswoman as well as a talented hair stylist. She's also an accomplished artist, and she's preparing to open her first Exmore exhibit---in her salon. It makes sense. There's ample space, plenty of natural light and Katie owns the building. And Katie sees a crossover between coloring, shaping and silk pressing hair and creating art with acrylics on canvass. They both require an appreciation for beauty.

Katie is an Exmore "born here". She, grew up in Silver Beach, lives and works in Exmore and her parents still reside on Occohannock Neck Road. She opened her first salon on the south end of Main Street (across from Tittermary) in 2006, then moved her business to Lecato Plaza on Langford Highway in 2009 under the name La Bella Mi. Five years later, Katie returned to her hometown of Exmore and launched Wild Roots. During this same period, 2014, she focused more deeply on her art and the next year discovered people wanted to purchase her acrylics.

Although Katie has been sketching and drawing since early childhood, she has never received formal training. Rather, she finds inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds her on the Eastern Shore. Time spent boating and fishing heavily influences her art, and fish, oysters and other sea life are her most frequent subjects.

Katie met fellow stylist and artist Melanie Widgeon Lewis in 2009 and the two have been working together since that time, inspiring and motivating each other, and collaborating to create beautiful things. As the granddaughter of Hog Island writer, artist and historian Yvonne Marshall Widgeon, Melanie has a legacy in the creative disciplines.

In December, Mel and Katie hung their work on the hallway walls of Wild Roots, now they are looking to showcase more. Katie has exhibited at Ker Place and Art on the Farm on the grounds of the Barrier Islands Center. Recently, she was invited to participate in the 48th Annual Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach, September 20 - October 2; her first juried show.

With their shared passion for art, Katie and Melanie both active members of the ESVA Artisans Guild, envision a more vibrant presence of creatives here in Exmore. Their event, Mel & Katie Show Art, is a good impetus.

Mel & Katie Show Art is a FREE public event, taking place Friday, July 15 from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm at Wild Roots, 3316 Main Street, Exmore. Refreshments will be served.

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