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Exmore is Home to County's Largest Private Company--New Ravenna

"New Ravenna has called Virginia, and specifically, the town of Exmore, ‘home’ for all 27 years the company has been in business. Thanks to the hundreds of artists, machinists, administrative professionals, and leaders who the company has employed in its history, as well as VEDP’s VJIP and VALET Programs, the world identifies New Ravenna as the most premier manufacturer in luxury tile."

~ Richard Walters, CEO New Ravenna

What happens on Broad Street in Exmore, doesn't stay in Exmore. If fact, the exquisite, amazingly beautiful mosaics created by the talented designers at New Ravenna travel all over the world. New Ravenna products can be found in over 200 showrooms internationally as well as in public venues and private residences around the globe such as high level corporate offices, the most prestigious restaurants, and homes of Hollywood celebrities--- even villas on tropical islands.

Founded in 1992 by artist and designer Sara Baldwin, New Ravenna has grown to become America's premier designer and manufacturer of custom stone and glass mosaics with a reputation for crafting "the world’s most exquisite" collections, They are also the largest private sector company in Northampton County, employing over 100 people in their design, production, shipping and sales divisions.

In 2018, the company announced a capital investment of $900,000, creating 31 new jobs and expanding their footprint in Exmore. In addition to the large main facility on Broad Street, New Ravenna now occupies two buildings on Main Street (including the old movie theatre venue), the old Silco building behind the Shake Shope and a large warehouse facility behind Primitives & More on Route 13.

Under the leadership of CEO Richard Walters, New Ravenna continues to grow as demand for its handcrafted mosaics escalates worldwide. To learn more, and to stay updated on their newest designs, visit their website:



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