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Exmore is Growing--And So Is Our Office Team: Welcome Pam & Kris!

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

With a total replacement, expansion and modernization of the wastewater system in the pipeline, and a new water facility up and operating successfully, the time is right for Exmore to enlarge and enhance staffing for Utility Services. Expect to be greeted by two new voices when you call—and two new faces when you stop by the Town Office: Kris Branch (pictured on the right) and Pam Ward (left).

Both Kris and Pam are experienced admin professionals with proven ability to tame the large volumes of paperwork generated by these new utility projects while assisting the Town in meeting Grant and other requirements.

Kris, an Exmore resident, directed and managed activities at Shorecraft in Exmore before accepting her current position with the Town. She likes the friendly, collaborative environment of Exmore and enjoys being on the frontlines greeting visitors to the Town Offices.

Pam lives in nearby Franktown. She grew up in a military family with plenty of travel and address changes before settling down on the ESVA three decades ago. She declares she is almost a local by now. Welcome Kris and Pam!

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