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Congresswoman Luria Visits Exmore, With $500,000 Check for Ava Wise and Legacy Project Phase II

Representatives from all levels of government, from local to national, met in Exmore today to mark another milestone for community activist Ave Wise and the New Road Development Group of Exmore---the presentation by US Congresswoman Elaine Luria of a large check to advance Phase II of the Legacy Project, part of the expansion and buildout of affordable housing in this historic neighborhood, The $500,000 check is earmarked for a site study for an eight-acre parcel to be developed near Lankford Highway with up to 30 private residences.

Luria praised all participants, underscoring the effective teamwork of the multiple entities involved, including the Town of Exmore, in bringing the project this far. Ava Wise gave special thanks to the Town of Exmore for being 'the best partner ever."

Among those attending with Congresswoman Luria were VA Senator Lynwood Lewis, Northampton County Administrator Charles Kolakowski, Susan Dewey VA Housing, Exmore Town Manager Robert Duer, Exmore Zoning Director Taylor Dukes, Bill Curtis Depart, of Housing & Community Development, and other state dignitaries. Exmore Town Council member Chase Sturgis, spoke on behalf of the Town.

The presentation ceremony was conducted inside one of six homes currently under construction in New Road, a mix of tiny homes and multi-bedroom floor plans that make up Phase I of the Legacy Project. Although ground for Phase I was first broken less than four months ago, work is progressing rapidly. The project is being handled by RMT Construction of Richmond, VA, under the supervision of Warren Thomas., CEO.

According to Ava Wise, one hundred years ago there were 100 homes in the neighborhood. We think she has a vision to match that vibrant past.



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